• Jack's Life: A Biography of Jack Nicholson

    Jack's Life: A Biography of Jack Nicholson

    Author : Patrick McGilligan

    Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company

    Publish Year : 2015

    Language : English

    ISBN : 0393350967

    Pages : 608

    Jack Nicholson has lived large on and off the screen. Patrick McGilligan, one of America’s outstanding film biographers, has plumbed research and interviews to expand his definitive biography since its publication twenty years ago. Jack’s Life captures the essence of this most private and public of stars with a vivid depiction of Nicholson’s tangled Dickensian upbringing, his hungry years as actor and writer, his nearaccidental breakthrough in Easy Rider, and his prolificacy and artistry ever since, with roles in Chinatown, Five Easy Pieces, The Shining, A Few Good Men, As Good As It Gets, and The Departed, to name a beloved handful of his sixty-plus films. McGilligan captures the life and legacy of this unabashed and complex personality 74 photographs.

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