• June 25th, 2007

    Forum disabled

    Forum disabled

    I have disabled the forum since it was getting flooded by spam accounts, which I had to delete each time and which took too much of my (already little) time. I was receiving 20-30 new spam accounts each day.

    It wasn't used that much by any of the visitors either, so I guess there's not really any need for a forum right now. I'm thinking to replace the forum by something else, which could be a good addition to the website. I have a few ideas but every visitor (that means you) is free to give some ideas as well, so if you know something that's currently missing on this website: let's hear it!

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Vince - Tuesday, 26th Jun 2007 @ 18:15

Spam is really getting a big problem it seems.
Too bad the forum will dissapear but not a big loss if it get's replaced with a good addition for the site smile

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