Carnal Knowledge (1971)

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  • Carnal Knowledge (1971)

    Movie Plot

    Sandy and Jonathan are roomates in college who's experiences with women offer a contrast. Both of them go from one disfunctional relationship to another in this Jules Feiffer script. A line that Feiffer removed from the Script was, "Boys begin life not liking girls, later they don't change, they just get horny." This is a very uncomfortable film for many men to watch because so many of the interactions are so common and shown as so disfunctional.

    Director : Mike Nichols

    Genre : Drama / Comedy

    Character : Jonathan Fuerst

    Cast : Candice Bergen, Art Garfunkel, Ann-Margret

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brandon clan - Wednesday, 30th Dec 2009 @ 05:10

"Jack and i lovers"
Marlon Brandon: laughing quote smile smile

crey - Thursday, 4th Sep 2008 @ 05:29

I saw this movie in the 70's. I remember it well. As a young man I did not understand some of the subliminal underplot, now as a 53 year old man I do. The movie really is a bit immature in a lot of ways, however that was an immature society at the time. Sexuality was still evolving, men were not really in touch with the female needs and roles. They were evolving during the sexual revelotion and many experiminets went wrong. The Ann Margaret character was a great portrayal of lust gone sour. There was no depth to any of the main character's relationships. Rather than learning how to love a wom,an or having a real relationship, he resort to ridiculaous methods to feed his lust. I found this part of the movie boring and tasteless. But probably and honest portrayal of the place some men end up when they don't evolve beyond puberty. I know a few like this....

I would watch it again, but not pay for it. rate it 3 out of 5.

jack - Tuesday, 13th Sep 2005 @ 00:01

Jack as the womanizer, who could have ever thought that smile

I see this one as one of his lesser movies. I
t doesn't keep you focussed all the way, like other movies do.

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