Flight to Fury (1964)

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  • Flight to Fury (1964)


    Movie Plot

    The complex plot concerns an unassuming man, Joe Gaines (Dewey Martin), who becomes entangled in a dangerous web when a satchel of jewels enters his life. After meeting the outgoing Jay Wickham (Nicholson) in a casino, Joe beds a beautiful woman, only to find her murdered when he gets out of the shower. Hopping aboard a small plane headed for the Phillipines, Joe is shocked to discover that Wickham has tracked him down. Another passenger, Lorgren (Vic Diaz), and his gorgeous girlfriend, Destiny Cooper (Fay Spain), appear to have ulterior motives for getting close to Joe. When the airplane crashes in the jungle, leaving only a few survivors, everyone’s true colors begin to shine. A battle between a group of gun-toting gangsters leads to a final duel between Joe and Wickham, deciding once and for all who--if anyone--will keep the diamonds for themselves.

    Director : Monte Hellman

    Genre : Adventure

    Character : Jay Wickham

    Cast : Dewey Martin, Vic Diaz, Joseph Estrada

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john kaufman - Wednesday, 2nd Dec 2009 @ 11:05

When I was a student at The California Institute of the Arts in the early seventies, we ran this movie. It's a good one, despite it's incredibly low budget. The director, Monte Hellman is today involved in the college's film school.

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