Goin' South (1978)

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  • Goin' South (1978)

    Movie Plot

    Henry Moon is captured for a capital offence by a possee when his horse quits while trying to escape to Mexico. He finds that there is a post Civil War law in the small town that any single or widowed woman can save him from the gallows by marrying him. Julia Tate needs a man to help her work her mine and marries him. The sherrif makes it very clear to Moon what the consequences of his leaving Julia will be. The two begin to try and form a relationship based on necessity in which they have nothing in common.

    Director : Jack Nicholson

    Genre : Comedy / Western

    Character : Henry Lloyd Moon

    Cast : Mary Steenburgen, Christopher Lloyd, John Belushi

    More info : imdb



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jim beck - Saturday, 25th Jun 2011 @ 02:34

Loved this movie from day one. Yes, I am that old! Yet, young at heart!!

doctor - Friday, 22nd Oct 2010 @ 07:05

What can I say outside of this is an excellent movie that is well underrated.

kurt - Tuesday, 12th Sep 2006 @ 18:06

@jugsie: it depends where you live. Here in Belgium I bought it at the MediaMarkt store for only 5 euros. I'm not sure in which regions this movie is available on DVD. I guess you could also try online webshops and see if it's available for your country.

jugsie - Monday, 11th Sep 2006 @ 20:05

funny exelent performance by jack well worth watching also any one know were I may buy it on dvd?

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