Reds (1981)

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  • Reds (1981)


    Movie Plot

    Writing has been the only escape of Louise Bryant until she goes to a lecture one night in 1912 and is mesmerized by a radical journalist, John Reed. She leaves her husband and goes to Greenwich Village with Reed where she keeps writing, covering the 1913 Armory Show of post-impressionist paintings from Europe. Reed is so wrapped up in changing the world that Louise leaves him for awhile and stays with a playwright, Eugene O'Neill. She returns to Reed. He goes to Russia and covers the 1917 Revolution. She never forgets Reed. the only American to be buried next to the Kremlin wall.

    Director : Warren Beatty

    Genre : Biography / Drama / Romance

    Character : Eugene O'Neill

    Cast : Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Edward Herrmann

    More info : imdb



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andr lopes - Friday, 6th Jul 2007 @ 21:58

Excellent movie! VERY VERY GOOD!
Starring Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton!
Jack knows in what movies he should enter.

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