The Border (1982)

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  • The Border (1982)

    Movie Plot

    A border agent involved in drug smuggling decides to clean up his act when an impoverished woman's baby is put up for sale on the black market.

    Director : Tony Richardson

    Genre : Drama

    Character : Charlie Smith

    Cast : Harvey Keitel, Valerie Perrine, Warren Oates

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seoeansd - Monday, 11th May 2009 @ 03:36

Jonny was here

ro - Tuesday, 6th Jan 2009 @ 17:01

Jack was a puppy then. Wish time would stand still for all of us.

lynn fallis (mr.) - Saturday, 3rd Jan 2009 @ 00:08

While there was an obvious Hollywood bias in the movie, it was none-the-less very well done. As always, any form of enforcement regarding American borders is portrayed as pure evil. And, as would be expected, the bad guys are our guys. Everybody else is just a victim.
That said, I actually was moved by the struggle and the helplessness of the people. That and the thanklessness of the Border Patrol's unending job.
As always, Jack Nicholson was fantastic. He didn't play the character, he was the character.

mike crites - Sunday, 8th Jun 2008 @ 06:54

I think he played a Border Patrol Agent to a "T"

kurt - Tuesday, 13th Sep 2005 @ 00:08

Not his biggest performance but still ok to see.

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