The Departed (2006)

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  • The Departed (2006)

    Movie Plot

    In Boston, a young mobster is rising through the ranks of the city's elite police cadets in disguise. But his only goal is to flush out the mole he believes, is hiding deep within his boss' organization. That mole is an undercover cop, who is becoming unglued from the pressures of his job. He's out to find the man he believes is hiding within the Boston police squad. But as the clock nears, someone's identity is going to be revealed in what promises to be a war between those who uphold the law, and those who don't abide by it.

    Director : Martin Scorsese

    Genre : Crime / Drama / Thriller

    Character : Frank Costello

    Cast : Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen

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rox - Friday, 29th May 2009 @ 22:45

awesome performance and one of my favorite movies of all times!!! what a shame he wasn't even nominated for an academy award.

jim - Thursday, 26th Mar 2009 @ 23:21

Jack, you should've won an oscar for your role in this movie, it was a shame.

giancarlo - Sunday, 22nd Mar 2009 @ 17:28

one of the best actor the last 25 years, the cuconest till today in the departed sensational,thank master god bless you

patrick - Sunday, 8th Oct 2006 @ 23:31

I am to press to see this new film

andrea - Thursday, 24th Aug 2006 @ 21:14

here is a link to The Departed's myspace page

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