The Departed (2006)

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  • The Departed (2006)

    Movie Plot

    In Boston, a young mobster is rising through the ranks of the city's elite police cadets in disguise. But his only goal is to flush out the mole he believes, is hiding deep within his boss' organization. That mole is an undercover cop, who is becoming unglued from the pressures of his job. He's out to find the man he believes is hiding within the Boston police squad. But as the clock nears, someone's identity is going to be revealed in what promises to be a war between those who uphold the law, and those who don't abide by it.

    Director : Martin Scorsese

    Genre : Crime / Drama / Thriller

    Character : Frank Costello

    Cast : Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen

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shaina "jokergurl" lucas - Wednesday, 31st May 2006 @ 14:33

I can't wait to see this movie! Jack has been my idol since I seen Batman (and now i'm an avid Batfan) and hope he's awesome as always. Mmm-mm-mm! Jack as a mobster! Anyone else getting heated up? I wish someday I can make the movies I created with him as Joker again! I've always wanted ta meet tha man who saved my life (quite literally)-J.G

mathiilda'swe' - Monday, 27th Mar 2006 @ 14:21

oh if i would meet him.. ufuf a night to remember smile

Jack Nicholson as a mafioso,
can it be better ? ORGASM!

edith - Wednesday, 15th Mar 2006 @ 10:35

@ Peter "Boston Pete" Crafts

Coooooooolllllll. Meeting Jack Nicholson. One of my dreams. Were you invited as a real actor (your work) or as a casting person.

peter "boston pete" crafts - Sunday, 12th Mar 2006 @ 04:32

I played Jimmy the drinker in a scene with Mr. nicholson and he treat
ed me like gold. It was my first acting experience and he was wonderful. He actually came up to me and introduced himself because I think he sensed I was a little nervous. If you ask me he's an american icon and it was one of the nicest life experiences i ever had. I was the only person from Boston filming in N Y and he kind of figured i was a celts fan but i think he liked me anyway.ha ha. Thanks Jack

stijn - Friday, 21st Oct 2005 @ 09:57

So am I

i'm curious about what it is gonna be. Jack will be good like we are used to. But it's strange that this is a remake of "Internal affairs (2003)" espacially because Scorcese is the director. His first remake, and i hope hope it will be his last. I prefer original plotlines...

Howevver, it will be nice movie with a cast like that (Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon en Jack Nicholson,ect.)

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