The Elephant's Child (1986)

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  • The Elephant's Child (1986)


    Movie Plot

    Jack Nicholson narrates one of Rudyard Kipling's most-loved "Just So" stories: the tale of how the elephant got his trunk. The delightful and playful score was written by Bobby McFerrin.

    Director : Mark Sottnick

    Genre : Animation / Comedy / Family

    Character : Narrator

    Cast :

    More info : imdb


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deborah percell - Monday, 15th Aug 2011 @ 00:22

I, too, am looking to replace the recording I once had. Anyone know where I can buy a new copy??? Thanks!

ben cohen - Friday, 1st Apr 2011 @ 11:58

I have it if you still want it smile smile

peg motter - Sunday, 13th Jun 2010 @ 02:23

I am trying to find the recording of Jack Nicholson reading The elephant's Child.
Does anyone know how I can get my hands on one?

cindy hinsch - Friday, 19th Jun 2009 @ 00:52

This is a wonderful child's story, one that has been a favorite of mine, my husband, and now my children. Jack Nicholson does a wonderful job!

If you havent read the story or listened to his reading, your missing out!

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