The Missouri Breaks (1976)

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  • The Missouri Breaks (1976)


    Movie Plot

    Tom Logan is a cattle thief. In order to have a cover, he buys the ranch near David Braxton's one. Tom and Jane (Braxton's daughter) soon start a love affair. But Braxton just hired Lee Clayton, a very famous "regulator", to get rid of the cattle thieves.

    Director : Arthur Penn

    Genre : Western

    Character : Tom Logan

    Cast : Marlon Brando, Randy Quaid, Kathleen Lloyd

    More info : imdb



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dave singer - Friday, 5th Feb 2010 @ 04:00

Did you even see the movie??? The rustler was NOT a cattle thief, but a horse thief!!

paul arredondo iglesias - Thursday, 17th Dec 2009 @ 23:53

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1976 first Jack Nicholson contraintelligence first Brandon contraintelligence
result two actors that ownes all industry film a neutral camera with other brand name
and a sound technology olgy of 2004 two inventors i ear what do you see i see what do you ear crashing sattelites

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