The Passenger (1975)

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  • The Passenger (1975)

    Movie Plot

    David Locke is a television reporter on location in Africa. It's hot, humid, and everything seems to be dirty. Returning to his hotel after getting lost and bogged in the desert, he discovers that the man in the room next to his is dead. After deciding that his own life wasn't worth living anymore, he switches identities with the dead man, taking the man's passport (with his own photo swapped in), his luggage, and his appointment schedule. Leaving Africa, he heads off to keep the dead man's appointments, hoping that his new life will be more interesting than his old one was.

    Director : Michelangelo Antonioni

    Genre : Drama

    Character : David Locke

    Cast : Maria Schneider, Jenny Runacre, Ian Hendry

    More info : imdb



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roxana - Tuesday, 22nd Jun 2010 @ 16:32

Very very very gooood smile

clinton - Thursday, 6th Aug 2009 @ 20:18

this film has really got me,i have watched it four times already,i keep picking up on different things.the direction,jacks charisma & ability,the beauty of maria schneider,the amazing scenery.i wasnt sure i would like the film at first,...i am surprised by how captivated i am by it.

rync - Thursday, 14th Feb 2008 @ 10:26

This is my favourite movie. I have been contenplating about it since I was fourteen in 1977. The movie was shown in Soviet Union cinemas (and in the occupied Estonia) by some miracle (soviets trying to demonstrate to Italian communists how democratic the regime was, I suppose). Jack Nicholson is a very great actor and I love the story and I love Barcelona. The only sad thing is that there hasn't been among the great movies JN has played in the one that would be so impressive for me now, 30 years later. Something to tell as if the David Locke's story had ended up somehow in a different way? smile

mel - Thursday, 15th Feb 2007 @ 17:39

Yeah me too, I bought this to add to my Jack collection (helped by the fact that on the latest DVD release he looks very nice on the cover!) but was a bit shocked at the ending. I suppose it depends on the viewer's perception but I'd rather it be clear-cut.

melissa - Thursday, 23rd Nov 2006 @ 15:55

i just rented this movie yesterday because i am a big fan of jacks too and when i saw it i thought the movie was okay but i didn't really understand the the ending that well.

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