Tommy (1975)

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  • Tommy (1975)


    Movie Plot

    Tommy is blind, deaf and dumb, but there is nothing wrong with him. As a small child, he accidentally witnessed the murder of his father by his stepfather. His mother and stepfather told him to forget everything he had seen and heard, and to never talk about it; but Tommy carried it to the extreme, turned inward, and stopped seeing, hearing or speaking at all. He suffered much while growing up, and finally found happiness in, of all things, playing pinball. When he became the world champion pinball player it brought his family fame and fortune. After being spontaneously healed, he began to teach others of his unique perspective on life, eventually becoming a religious cult figure.

    Director : Ken Russell

    Genre : Drama / Musical

    Character : The Specialist

    Cast : Oliver Reed, Ann-Margret, Roger Daltrey

    More info : imdb



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sharman - Saturday, 10th Feb 2007 @ 21:03

One of my all time favourite movies! Typical Ken Russell - strangely compelling viewing! Knock out score!

rob - Tuesday, 29th Nov 2005 @ 05:59

Nicholson's part is small but the film is really unique. Not a fan of musicals but this is one that I enjoyed. It made the music scores interesting and deeper. I love Tommy!

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