• April 22nd, 2014

    Happy 77th birthday Jack Nicholson!

    Happy 77th birthday Jack Nicholson!

    Happy birthday to Jack Nicholson on his 77th birthday today!

    From all the fans out there we wish him a great day, and many years, movies, and oscars to come!




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batman - Tuesday, 18th Nov 2014 @ 20:56

I am batman. You are joker. We shall have a tournament to the death, and after that.......... we can have cake and milk! Happy birthday Jack!!!

Margo - Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014 @ 21:42

I knew you want come back in new movie, miss you so much jack smile
Movie industry changed and unfortunatelly not moving people like it use to...

annelies Teunissen - Saturday, 16th Aug 2014 @ 00:00

Today I saw the film about Mr Schmidt on the Belgian television, your so absolutely outregaous good actor, we love you! Happy Birthday and all the Best!!

Yvette Batterson - Wednesday, 13th Aug 2014 @ 00:23

Happy Birthday old man! You are my all time favorite actor, talented like no other. Keep up the great work!
Hope to meet you someday.

Georgine Blaney - Tuesday, 22nd Jul 2014 @ 20:29

I simply adore you, Jack Nicholson. If you are in a movie - I see it. And I respect you. Happy, happy birthday!

Your friend,

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