• December 4th, 2008

    Jack Nicholson entering California Hall of Fame

    Jack Nicholson entering California Hall of Fame Jack Nicholson is seen as one of the biggest American actors alive and he won already three oscars, but he still didn't get his place in the California Hall of Fame. This will change on December 15th.

    The California Hall of Fame is different from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Nicholson already has his own spot.

    The California Hall of Fame is the museum that opened two years ago by governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver.

    Each year a dozen of legendary people in California receive the honor to get a spot in the museum. Not only actors, but also people known in other fields get a place in the museum.

    Besides Jack Nicholson, another eleven Californian people were elected by a special jury. Among those people is also actress Jane Fonda and composer Quincy Jones.

    The last two years the jury elected also Ronald Reagan, Walt Disney, Clint Eastwood, Billie Jean King, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods, Elizabeth Taylor and John Wayne.

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Kurt - Monday, 8th Dec 2008 @ 18:31

Debi: all I know is Last Flag Flying, but I haven't seen anything of it being in production. The status on imdb is still "in development" so I don't think they'll be filming at the moment.

debi - Sunday, 7th Dec 2008 @ 23:08

i saw Jack filming a new film/tv episode today, and was wondering if anyone new what he is actually filming, like what its gonna be called etc.

Rosemarie - Saturday, 6th Dec 2008 @ 02:16

Jack deserves this honor.

Lucia ~Lady McMurphy~ Rubtsova - Friday, 5th Dec 2008 @ 12:54

Greate! I'm happysmile)

Vince - Thursday, 4th Dec 2008 @ 16:27

Well deserved, go Jack!

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