• July 10th, 2009

    Jack Nicholson filming in Philly

    Jack Nicholson filming in Philly

    Fox 29 made a small feature on Jack Nicholson filming in Philadelphia for L. Brooks' new movie "How Do You Know?". In the videoclip you can see Jack Nicholson inside a building filming a scene together with Paul Rudd.

    You can view the video here: Jack Nicholson filming in Philly

    Just Jared also published some new set photos of Jack Nicholson. 
    Check them out here: How Do You Know? - Set pictures (scroll towards the end for the new photos)

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Meg - Friday, 17th Jul 2009 @ 10:27

verry verry HAPPY♪ smile smile

Vince - Saturday, 11th Jul 2009 @ 16:36

Great, thanks for this videoclip!!! smile

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