• July 29th, 2011

    Jack Nicholson not happy with Anjelica Huston memoir

    Jack Nicholson not happy with Anjelica Huston memoir

    Jack Nicholson is reportedly trying to stop his ex-girlfriend Anjelica Huston from lifting the lid on their relationship and his behaviour in her upcoming memoir.

    The Hollywood legend dated the actress for 16 years and is reportedly worried about what details she could include in her book about their romance and his wild behaviour. A source told National Enquirer magazine: "Jack has a lot of skeletons in his closet and Anjelica knows where most of the bodies are buried. She not only knows about many of Jack's women, she also has the goods on his drug use, drinking and kinky sex!"

    Jack, 74, even gave Anjelica a diamond and ruby necklace for her 60th birthday when he attended her party in Venice, California, earlier this month in a bid to win her over. The source added: "Jack kissed Anjelica and said, 'It's just like old times sweetheart, isn't it?' Anjelica was swept off her feet at first, but she's wise to Jack's little game. He's trying to buy her silence."

    The 'As Good As It Gets' star is notorious for his womanising ways and has dated a string of beauties over the years, including Lara Flynn Boyle and Michelle Phillips. But he has previously admitted the 'Horrid Henry: The Movie' actress was the love of his life, and he regrets cheating on her with Rebecca Broussard - with whom he fathered two children with.

    Jack said: "The reality was that I was annihilated emotionally by the separation from Anjelica. That was probably the toughest period of my life. I may have made a mistake but I don't want to go back and correct it. I would rather deal with it."

    Anjelica's book is due to be released in 2013.

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Beulah - Monday, 17th Dec 2012 @ 13:19

JACK is one of the few on that I can actually HEAR because I wear 2 hearing aids & with his slow drawl, I am able to take in his movies without frustration. He is #1 in my books for an actor & I live for him. I put one of his movies on if I feel down.

Lisa Purcell N - Saturday, 15th Dec 2012 @ 22:52

Could someone contact jack for me and have him give me a ring, PLEASE

Annette - Monday, 10th Dec 2012 @ 01:10

I have always loved Jack...sexy as hell and he still is..I would just love tower the man!!! Mmmmm!!!

Lily - Thursday, 6th Dec 2012 @ 00:20

I'm sure whatever is written about him won't be that bad since they've become friends again over the years and Anjelica is such a sweetheart with so much class it wouldn't be like her to bash him. I wish they would've worked out smile

Tim - Monday, 26th Mar 2012 @ 09:40

Chinatown is still my favorite film. That said, Mr. Nicholson should think about making another Western. Knows it sounds oddball, (a western?) but "Missouri Breaks" was a good western & besides, it's the last thing anyone would expect.

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