• July 5th, 2009

    Jack Nicholson storms NYC

    Jack Nicholson storms NYC

    Jack Nicholson was at “West Side Story” last night and the Yankees game Thursday night, completing his run around the bases of New York before he resumes filming James Brooks’ new flick with Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Reese Witherspoon Monday in Philly. 

    He tried on hats at Barney’s, dined with an old pal at David Burke’s townhouse seafood boite Fishtail’s, and met up with beautiful daughter Lorraine who came down from Brown University.
    Wednesday night, he surprised “God of Carnage” cast members Marcia Gay Hardin, Hope Davis, Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini when he popped backstage to congratulate them after seeing the show.

    Then it was on to Elaine’s with Gandolfini and his wife Deborah and Bobby Zarem, where the two acting greats “talked nonstop for an hour, laughing the whole time.”  We wish we were a fly on the wall, but Elaine Kaufman doesn’t allow flies.

    On the photo: Jack Nicholson stands for the national anthem before the New York Yankees' baseball game with his daughter.

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i49mobile - Monday, 6th Jul 2009 @ 01:24

I sat behind Jack at Westside story on Friday night. He was the first to applaud the actors. He daughter is very pretty. I do not know who the couple was that was with him.

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