• April 28th, 2011

    Jack Nicholson to receive Brown University honory doctorate

    Jack Nicholson to receive Brown University honory doctorate

    Brown will confer honorary degrees on 10 distinguished candidates during its 243rd Commencement exercises, Sunday, May 29, 2011. Amongst the candidates is also Jack Nicholson.

    Other candidates include Olympian Katie King Crowley, online editor Arianna Huffington, columnist Nicholas D. Kristof, mathematician David B. Mumford, playwright Lynn Ida Nottage, physicist Lisa Randall, human rights activist Kenneth Roth, astronaut David R. Scott, and poet and editor Zhenkai Zhao (Bei Dao).

    Ten people who have distinguished themselves through their efforts in the arts, sciences, letters, scholarship and public service will receive honorary degrees from Brown University:

    Katie King Crowley, a 1997 Brown graduate, three-time Olympic medalist in women’s ice hockey, and Team USA’s all-time leading scorer in Olympic competition;

    Arianna Huffington, author, radio host, and creator of The Huffington Post, one of the most widely read news and opinion sites on the Internet;

    Nicholas D. Kristof, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning op-ed columnist for the New York Times;

    David B. Mumford, professor emeritus of mathematics at Brown and recipient of the 2011 National Medal of Science;

    Jack Nicholson, three-time Academy Award-winning actor and most frequently Oscar-nominated male actor;

    Lynn Ida Nottage, a 1986 Brown graduate, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Guggenheim Fellow, and MacArthur Award recipient;

    Lisa Randall, cosmologist, particle physicist, author, lecturer, and opera librettist;

    Kenneth Roth, a 1977 Brown graduate, human rights activist, author, federal prosecutor, and executive director of Human Rights Watch since 1993;

    David R. Scott, fighter pilot, test pilot, Gemini and Apollo astronaut, NASA executive, and consultant; and

    Zhenkai Zhao (Bei Dao), poet, writer, dissident, and editor of literary magazines.

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status quo - Sunday, 2nd Oct 2011 @ 14:57

jack is one of my fav actors,one flew over the cuckoos nest is my fav film,followed by chinatown/the shining. smile

Jean Marie Burr - Friday, 27th May 2011 @ 16:35

Congratulations to Jack!
Go Bruno!

Helle Jonsson - Thursday, 26th May 2011 @ 00:54

Hi Jack !
Congratulations to the best actor ever!
Many of your caracters stays within you, enriches you. You get fulfilled by something else,unknown...
I wish I could have been there the29th to salute You! Hurrah! from Sweden

Situ - Sunday, 15th May 2011 @ 18:40

hi Jack.. I really want you.. just keep contact with me in situcool@gmail.com ... Please, fill up a small wish of a little fan. I LOVE YOU

Allie666 - Monday, 2nd May 2011 @ 18:08

Congratulations!!! smile smile

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