• December 7th, 2003

    Jack Nicholson's white substance

    Jack Nicholson's white substance Nicholson has been photographed exiting the premiere of his latest film with a "white substance" stuck in his left nostril.

    The 66-year-old was leaving the New York screening of Something's Gotta Give when the whiteness, which British tabloid "News Of The World" reports as "looking like cocaine", was spotted.

    And the Oscar-winner - who has admitted to being a regular user of the drug in the past - seemed in better spirits than when he entered the Ziegfield Theatre.

    An onlooker tells the newspaper, "Jack arrived in a chauffeured limo and seemed quite grumpy. He certainly didn't talk to fans. But we knew Jack wouldn't sit through a whole screening. After an hour he came out and he was a changed man. He signed autographs and he was cheerful. You could see this white stuff up his nostril."

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