• October 8th, 2006

    Jack shocked Nicole Kidman at the 2006 Academy Awards

    Jack shocked Nicole Kidman at the 2006 Academy Awards Jack Nicholson shocked Nicole Kidman at the 2006 Academy Awards, when he made a suggestive comment to the actress in front of her then-fiance Keith Urban. Nicholson failed to realise the now-married couple were an item, so he made an undisclosed remark to Kidman which made her gasp in shock.
    Jack says, "I'm playing the field a little now, though not nearly as much as people like to think. And I do get rejected. I still owe Nicole Kidman an apology. I didn't know she was engaged - or that she was standing with her fiance. Let's just say I'm getting older. But I haven't lost my sense of whimsy."

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Kurt - Sunday, 8th Oct 2006 @ 10:47

Good old Jack smile
Although I don't seem to like Kidman as much as he does/did.

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