• November 30th, 2003

    Nicholson to pen his own biopic?

    Nicholson to pen his own biopic? Jack Nicholson is planning to turn his incredible lifestory into a film because he believes the chemistry between him and his mother would make compulsive viewing.

    Jack grew up believing his grandmother was his mother because his real mother was forced to pretend she was his sister due to the shame attributed to single mothers in 1930s society.
    And Nicholson - who only discovered the truth after he became famous when a researcher from Time magazine uncovered the secret - believes the movie version of the saga would intrigue cinema goers.

    He says, "I have thought that I would like to write it myself. There were certain things about my relationship with my actual mother that were clarified when I learned the truth. Just small things, body English. Your mother relates to you differently than your sister does. I remember thinking, when my sister doted on me, `What are you worried about?' But of course a mother would worry. Another thing I thought about is that others must have kept the secret too. I grew up in a very small town. I don't know why I never heard an inkling about this. It doesn't matter. I had a great family situation there. It worked great for me."

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