• October 29th, 2005

    Nicholson tries to lighten children's loads

    Nicholson tries to lighten children's loads Jack Nicholson is in the process of trying to figure out how to lighten his youngest children's backpacks, because he's disgusted with the weight of the books they carry to school.
    The veteran actor admits that his new crusade is part of an effort to preserve the postures of Lorraine, 15, and Raymond, 13.

    He says, "I'm trying to figure out how to lighten their backpacks. I picked the backpacks up, and I thought, 'For the love of God, this will destroy their posture, they're structure, or something. It's just too many books."

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Vince - Sunday, 30th Oct 2005 @ 10:48

Good thing, I remember my backpack when going to school and it sure was heavy. And then I started to "forget" some books or just left them at school so I didn't have to carry them with me smile

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