• May 4th, 2011

    Photos: LA Lakers, Fan Art & Wedding

    Photos: LA Lakers, Fan Art & Wedding

    We've updated the photo galleries on the site with new pictures of Jack on different locations.

    First there are new photos of Jack at the LA Lakers games on April 3, 2011, and May 2, 2011, both at Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. To see the new photos, click here: Jack and the LA Lakers

    Then we've added also photos of Jack at the wedding of Brad Grey and Cassandra Huysentruyt on April 17, 2011 in Bel-Air. Jack was invited togeter with other guests like  Howard Stern, Jason Statham, and Mark Wahlberg. To see the photos, click here: Wedding Brad Grey & Cassandra Huysentruyt

    And last but not least, we've received fan art by Alejandro Viola. He made 7 drawings and paintings of Jack based on different movies. To see his fan art, click here: Fan Art
    He also made a video compilation of the portraits, which can be seen here: Jack Nicholson portraits by Alejandro Viola.

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Dreamer - Friday, 11th Nov 2011 @ 05:52

U are the best. I've watched about all your movies and just read the biography. Luv ya

Magic - Monday, 17th Oct 2011 @ 11:33

On another note......just like you I for some reason have been watching the Lakers and Yankees games since the 1960's......not really sure why....but save me a seat at the next game.....looks like it might be Yankees before Lakers right now smile

Magic - Monday, 17th Oct 2011 @ 11:30

Not that I imagine you read these Jack.......just wanted to say thanks.

I just watched "About Schmidt" and I'm sure you know how things can make people think about life and I can see myself meeting that time in life just like "Warren Schmidt"

susan moon - Tuesday, 9th Aug 2011 @ 05:29

just wanted to say i love u jack nicholson ur the greatest<3

pamela - Sunday, 29th May 2011 @ 18:05

mister nicholson: do you have read my letters, i send it go the bressler... in l.a. Pleas read it, and answer me, i think anytime in you. Your austrian fan pam

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