• May 7th, 2014

    Robert Downey Jr. wants Jack Nicholson for Sherlock Holmes 3

    Robert Downey Jr. wants Jack Nicholson for Sherlock Holmes 3

    Robert Downey Jr. is desperately trying to woo Jack Nicholson out of retirement for a role in his upcoming movie Sherlock Holmes 3, according to the website RadarOnline.com. "Bob’s determined to be the one to bring back Jack!" a source revealed, adding that Downey will even lower his own salary to lure Nicholson with big bucks.

    Nicholson, 77, has spent most of his time on the golf course after deciding to retire last year, as RadarOnline.com exclusively reported. But now, a big fan is banging on his door, a source said. "
    Having just announced Sherlock Holmes 3, Bob is begging Jack to play a role in the film," said the source. And it’s not the first time, as Downey, 49, tried to get the movie legend to play the role of his father in The Judge. However, Robert Duvall ultimately appeared in the film that will be released this fall.

    Still, Downey hasn’t given up on working with his idol and "Jack hasn’t said no, which is very encouraging to Bob," the source said. "But he needs Jack more than Jack needs him, so there are a lot of emails, phone calls and gifts going Jack’s way."

    Nicholson received raves for the 2006 crime film The Departed and his comedy The Bucket List in 2007 was a major comedy smash. But in 2010, he appeared in the Reese Witherspoon box office flop How Do You Know. After that, sources told RadarOnline.com that Nicholson stepped away from acting because he could no longer remember his lines. Rumours that were denied by Jack Nicholson himself in an interview with Britain's The Sun.

    Downey and Sherlock Holmes sequel director Guy Ritchie "are both courting Jack for the movie and Bob’s even cutting his fee in the movie so Jack can get the most money he’s been paid since the ’90s. 
    It’s the only way he’ll leave that golf course."

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Tana - Tuesday, 6th Jan 2015 @ 09:12

You are the most talented actor. Take the role,I want to see you on the big screen.

Micky hennessey - Thursday, 14th Aug 2014 @ 09:01

Go on Jack. Have a go. Why not. It's elementary. Cheers.

Tricia - Sunday, 6th Jul 2014 @ 23:23


If your up for it, you should do this. You are an amazing talent.

Tricia Ross

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