• October 8th, 2006

    The Dodger

    The Dodger Jack Nicholson is proud some of his friends call him 'The Dodger'. A name he earned because of his expertise at avoiding the paparazzi. At the 2000 Academy Awards in Hollywood, he skipped the red carpet and entered via a back door unnoticed.
    Nicholson admits he has grown adept at dodging photographers over the years, and loves his nickname.
    He says, "One of the nicknames I'm silently happiest about is 'The Dodger', because I've learned how to slip away from the party and the photographers. I'm not as willing to be that glazed guy walking the red carpet. I'm learning that as you simplify, whether it's your life or your acting, you get better. And I still want to get better."

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patrick - Sunday, 8th Oct 2006 @ 14:05

a very good nicknames.

Kurt - Sunday, 8th Oct 2006 @ 10:48

A cool nickname indeed smile

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