• March 13th, 2013

    Video: Jack Nicholson at the 85th Academy Awards Oscar Ceremony 2013

    Video: Jack Nicholson at the 85th Academy Awards Oscar Ceremony 2013

    Those who missed Jack's performance at the latest Oscar ceremony, can now watch Jack during the 85th Academy Award Ceremony on Feb. 24th, 2013 in 2 small video clips.

    The first video clip shows Jack while he interrupts an interview with Best Actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. Jack starts complimenting Jennifer as only he can do.

    Watch the video here: Jack Nicholson flirts with Jennifer Lawrence during interview

    The second video clip shows Jack during the award ceremony, where he announced the oscar for Best Picture together with First Lady Michelle Obama. The oscar was won by Argo, a movie directed by Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Grant Heslov.

    Watch the video clip here: Jack Nicholson presents Best Picture Oscar 2013

    (photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America)


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Darren Hoeschen - Sunday, 7th Sep 2014 @ 18:06

Hi, Jack! Love ya! Say hi to The Pro for me would you? You're still as good as it gets!

Kurt - Friday, 14th Mar 2014 @ 07:43

@J. Dagg:
It's not the first time that Jack skips an Oscar ceremony, so nothing to worry about.
I guess he just didn't feel like being there this year smile

J. Dagg - Thursday, 13th Mar 2014 @ 22:02

Where was Jack??

Previous academy award ceremonies have always shown him in his seat or engaged with others - but - where was he in this year's (2014) ceremony?

Missed him this year. Anyone know? or did I just miss a camera shot of him...

Lyudmila - Tuesday, 19th Nov 2013 @ 22:57

With your sunglasses on, you say, you are Jack Nicholson!
I say: " Without... You are a Great Actor Jack Nicholson"!
Thanks, Jack, for your great work!!!

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