• March 6th, 2013

    Video: Jack Nicholson in Paris

    Video: Jack Nicholson in Paris

    We reported before on Jack attending the funeral of his friend and photographer Willy Rizzo in Paris on March 1st, 2013.

    We now also have a video of Jack spotted in the streets of Paris: Jack Nicholson in Paris (video)

    (Source: Gf/Bauer Griffin)

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Gourg - Saturday, 28th Sep 2013 @ 17:39

You can't adapt the EF-M lenses onto a regaulr DSLR because with the new mount, the lens sits much closer to the sensor. In order for the lens to work properly, it would have to sit where the mirror is on a DSLR (which is not possible). Sorry

Donna Marie Freeman - Saturday, 10th Aug 2013 @ 14:52

My son's in the Army n bought this cell 4 me so I could read.watching ALL your movies, I found I could comment. U r a duplicate of my dad, he died 7 yrs Sept. 2013.I miss him awful. U make me smile,happy,laugh thank U 4 filling my heart with joy n my dad!

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